Wallrock Thermal Liner thickness

Hi Kay,First thing to ask is whether you have used the approved thermal liner adhesive:

Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout Panel Pair, White.

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  • As you can see from the picture to the right, we have a full range of AlphaTherm Liners including pallet covers and air freight covers.

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    Prism is a lightweight, inherently flame resistant thermal liner composite that uses
    Safety Components’ proprietary and patented Sigma™ yarn technology. Prism is

    from the firefighter. Chosen specifically by the USMC for its next generation

    the warrior and the firefighter protected, cooler and more comfortable.

  • durable, and comfortable fire fighting thermal liner. Bravo brings together the best
    properties of each fiber to create a durable, protective fabric, with a high level of
    comfort and wick-ability. Bravo does all this while at an affordable price—even with a
    2-layer spunlace batting system.

    Wallrock Thermal Liner is a 3mm thick energy-saving composite lining paper for interior use which combines a smooth non-woven face, bonded to a insulating backing material.

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    February 7, 2011
    The Eclipse Thermaliner Blackout panels are easy to use, and very well made.
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  • Recommended Adhesive: Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive
    Adhesive Usage Per Roll: 3.5kg (On Average)
    Substrate: Polyester / Non-Woven
    Application: Paste the Wall
    Thickness: 3mm
    Roll Size: 10m x 75cm Wide
    Roll Coverage: 7.5 Square Metres
    Finish: Flat (Paintable)

    When a room has been lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner it reflects warm air back into the room from the wall surfaces. Therefore, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. Rooms warm-up much more quickly, and use less energy to do so. This is quite noticeable in homes with thermostatically controlled heating, in particular in older properties with solid wall construction which acts as a heat sink.

Do I need to put another liner over Thermal Liner?

GreenLiner thermal box liners are made using flexible polyurethane foam insulators that are encased inside two metalized sleeves. The sleeves are designed to easily “lock” together inside any size custom carton. This immediately turns any box into a custom sized temperature control packaging that can be loaded with temperature-sensitive goods and any refrigerant product, such as or dry ice.
(Patent # US 8,333,279)