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Bedrug BMX00D Universal 66x98 Truck Bed Mat (Cut to fit)

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  • A truck bed carpet liner may be the best way to protect your truck bed. A pickup bed with no liner soon gets scratched and scarred. That's a sure road to rust and corrosion if you don't watch carefully. But many kinds of bed liners are installed, why choose a carpet lining?

    One reason is the carpet provides a cushion surface that's non-skid. You see, many bed liners protect the bed but they are slick and slippery. That way cargo can slide and shift. Carpet holds cargo in one place, but that's not all. A carpet coating protects your cargo from scratching too. It protects your bed and your cargo probably better than any other liner design.

    Just because carpet is soft and cushions doesn't mean it isn't tough though. See, you're dealing with marine grade carpet. That means it's waterproof and mildew-resistant too. It can take any kind of weather and last a long time. There's a reason for that.

    A carpet lining is really all plastic. The carpet is a tough grade of plastic that takes all kinds of abuse and still looks and works well. So a carpet bed liner is really a type of plastic bed liner.

    The most popular carpet cover is probably the Bedrug liner. With this liner, you get a custom fit. It's made to fit your model of pickup. It's molded to fit the exact shape of your bed, even including the ribs on the bed floor. It's a custom fitting liner at a price that's far less than many others.

    A truck bed carpet liner protects both your pickup bed and your cargo. Get the right liner and it's a custom fit covering that can take any kind of weather and most kinds of hauling.

    The BedRug liner is a popular brand.

    A truck bed carpet liner is one easy way to keep a truck looking new. Especially if you have a tonneau cover or a truck bed cap, the carpet bed liner is a great choice.

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