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Herculiner - Brush-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

U-POL 0820V-GUN Black URETHANE Truck Bed Liner Kit With 726 Gun

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  • Al's Liner is the first and only urethane/acrylic DIY bed liner kit that delivers quality protection that meets or exceeds the so-called "Professional Bed Liners." Designed by Scorpion Protective Coatings in 1995, Al's Liner is built on the three part batch system that Scorpion has been deploying through the commercial and industrial sectors for over 15 years. In April of 2008, Scorpion launched its first retail item, Al's Liner 1 Gallon Kit. Since that time, Al's has developed a reputation as one of the best protective coatings on the retail market. With a genuine high solids mixture for maximum durability that has been tested by Scorpion on fleets worldwide for over a decade, Al's Liner brings a professional grade protective liner to your truck bed that will last for years to come. With the simple and inexpensive batch system that allows customers to easily mix their liner at home, Al's Liner can be customized to cover a wide array of substrates with any texture, color or thickness you desire. Don't be fooled by solvent-based, watered down versions of the real thing. Get lasting protection for your truck bed the way you want it. Get Al's Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit.

    Al's Liner is a premium grade, highly customizable truck bed liner kit designed for the do-it-yourself user. With a simple at-home application process that can be performed in your garage, in the driveway, at the dock, or even on fixed installations like an outdoor patio, Al's Liner delivers a hassle-free professional quality coating for everything you need to protect. With Al's Liner easy to use kits, that beautiful custom liner you always wanted is literally at your fingertips. Whether you need the reliability of a professional coating, the cost efficiency of an off-the-shelf product, or the versatility of an all-in-one coating system, Al's Liner DIY Truck Bed Kit has you covered.

  • Rust-Oleum Automotive 1 gal. Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit is the ideal choice for recoating and restoring worn, unfinished or previously finished metal truck beds. When used with Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Applicator Kit (sold separately), this easy to apply black polymer coating not only helps prevent truck bed damage caused by scratches, rust and weather. It also enhances your vehicle’s appearance.

    Defender-Pro Epoxy Truck Bed Liner Kit by USC®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost.


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    Leroux's Reviews

    08-08-2006, 11:20 PM
    Herculiner Brush-On Truck Bed Liner Kit
    Price: $75.00
    Pros: Holds up great, Protects well, looks great
    Recommended? Yes

    Comments: Applied almost 4 years ago, has only worn in a couple place where I scraped it by accident loading stuff in the back. Does not get soft in hot weather, perfect texture, and very affordable. Just make sure you prep well.

  • stevensinger

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    stevensinger's Reviews

    08-15-2006, 07:48 PM
    Herculiner Brush-On Truck Bed Liner Kit
    Pros: Cheap Tough Lasts forever
    Cons: Hard to do, LOTS of PREP TIME
    Recommended? Yes

    Comments: I would do it but make sure you have good temps 65-80 and about three or four days to work on it. TAKE YOURS TIME IT WILL LOOK MUCH BETTER

    Al's Liner is a batch mix system, meaning that you can mix as much or little as you need for your project. The three standard components come separate and ready to mix. All the kits are tintable - either modify the tint that is included in your kit or simply discard it and create your own for a truly customized color. Al's Liner recommends using base automotive pigments to ensure a thorough saturation of the material for a true color match. If your project demands a certain finish for tougher protection or a smoother match to your substrate, Al's Liner offers a range of accessories and additives that allow you to duplicate the texture and hardness of any bed liner on the market. With a genuine user-friendly design, your Al's Liner Truck Bed Liner Kit can be applied without the expensive personal protective equipment that other kits require. All you need is a well ventilated area and a dual cartridge painter's respirator and you are ready to go. If you want that classic truck bed liner finish, check out Al's Liner's Air Texture Guns, a versatile tool that will deliver a professional coating every time. Or, if you're after a different look, grab a brush, roll, trowel or any other applicator for a customized finish. Check out our for professional tips on customizing your project, or head over to the to see some of the awesome creations Al's Liner users have come up with.

Al's Liner® - DIY Truck Bed Liner Kits

If you have a pickup, you surely use its spacious truck bed to transport various things from home appliances to bags full of groceries. No wonder your truck bed runs the risk of getting dirty and scratched unless you protect it with a high-quality coating, and the Al's Liner DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit is a great solution. Designed for a do-it-yourselfer, the product delivers exceptional protection along with custom design to your truck bed.