NPWWLR Whisky barrel liner – 45 L 737 dia x 375 mm

Whiskey Barrel Liner Whiskey Barrel Liners are ideal for large lotus or creating container gardens.

Real Wood Products 10800 Shallow Depth Whiskey Barrel Liner (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 7", shallow depth whiskey barrel liner, to be use with 1/2 whiskey barrel, converts whiskey barrel planter into water tight container, makes soil transfer easy, durable construction, allows liner to function independently as planters or a multi purpose container.

    You may recall that this pond was nothing more than a full-height (or is it full-depth?) MacCourt Whiskey Barrel Liner with a heater in place and an assortment of unattached aquatic plants growing in it, including Java Moss, Water Lettuce and Golden Moneywort. I had stocked this tank with Betta smaragdina “Guitar,” one male and several females, in the hopes of seeing a lot of reproduction.

  • Whiskey barrel liners are available in two different sizes, 24" diameter for 1/2 whiskey barrels and 20" diameter for full whiskey barrels. The liners are 15" deep made from rigid durable plastic and will extend the life of your whiskey barrel planters, water gardens or fountains by many years.

    It's a dirty process, so an optional piece of equipment to use during the planting stage is a whiskey barrel liner or other large tub to catch the water, dirt, and moss that falls from the basket. In my greenhouse, I have a wood floor, so the liner catches everything making clean up a breeze. Even if you plant this outside on your deck, this will keep your deck clean too.

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    Full Depth Whiskey Barrel Liner, To Be Used In The 1/2 Whiskey Barrels, Converts Whiskey Barrel Planter Into Water Tight Container, Makes Soil Transfer Easy, Durable Construction, Allows Liner To Function Independently As Planters Or A Multi Purpose Container.

Real Wood Whiskey Barrel Liner With Spillway 15in. R80291

Sometime in during the summer of 1995, I became intrigued with the idea of watergardening. The ponds I had seen looked so pretty, but I had a hard time believing theywere as easy as people were telling me. I decided to start with a whiskey barrel and liner, since I could always use the barrel for tomatoes or something if the water garden didn't work out. I started out with aPaul Hariot water lily and a Sweet Galingale for vertical interest. Both the lily and the Galingale spent winters in 5 gallon buckets of waterin the garage.