This listing is for 100 yellow mini cupcake liners.

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1 X Solid Yellow Glassine Baking Liners Cupcake Muffin Cups 50 count

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  • The fluted edges of our yellow cupcake liners give baked goods a familiar ribbed base, and each cup is made specifically to peel away without sticking to the product or tearing it. They can withstand high heat in your oven, and they're disposable for added convenience. Use them to coordinate a themed party, wedding, or event as well! The yellow color will look bright and cheerful on dessert tables at catered events.

    These yellow cupcake liners add extra color to your dessert presentation and make your display case look happy and festive. Because these cups are packaged in bulk, you can also be sure that they'll arrive in large enough quantities to reduce your amount of repeat purchases. Be sure to use our and to bake your treats, and make each one unique with our assortment of . If you're wondering where to buy yellow cupcake liners, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

  • After gathering supplies, invite your child to flatten the cupcake liners. To make Dory, we used 2 blue cupcake liners and 1 yellow cupcake liner.

    Begin by cutting one blue and yellow cupcake liner into right triangles. The yellow triangle should be slightly smaller and fit inside of the blue one (use a small dot of glue to attach them together). Now you have Dory’s fin!

  • Use our stay bright yellow cupcake liners in damask print for baking cupcakes and muffins in any flavor! These are high quality grease proof cupcake liners, so the colors remain vibrant after baking and most cakes won't show through! Find standard cupcake liners in other colors and patterns .

Yellow Cupcake Liners | Yellow Baking Cups

Yellow cupcake liners help to catch the eye of passing customers and draw their attention to your food as they pass by your bakery. These cups are made to hold standard-sized cupcakes, muffins, and other confections that guests will buy for snacks and desserts. The pastel color shows up best with lighter cakes like vanilla or white batters. You can use these yellow baking cups for Easter holidays or fall-inspired displays for an impressive presentation in your bakery case.